Our Environment

What Churt Parish Council will aim to do:

Limiting our impact on the environment and helping protect our parish for the future​

•Set an example

•Provide information

•Encourage environmental     initiatives

•Celebrate achievements

---Rural Community Energy Fund---

For details of the fund including eligibility and how to apply:




Feasibility grants of £40k and development grants of £100k are available and as shown most of the borough of Waverley is eligible. You can check eligibility on the DEFRA Magic Map link:




The fund is aimed at community groups. Applications for joint ventures may be accepted and would be considered on a case-by-case basis, however a community organisation would have to be the key participant and own at least 50% of the project.


Single community buildings would be eligible if they meet certain conditions. The project should enable an amount of energy to be exported back to the grid which is equivalent to that used by the single building. The income from this exported energy must then be used for community benefit. Single buildings that generate their own energy and export excess to other buildings would also be eligible. Community buildings that are generating energy solely for self-consumption without supply to the grid or other buildings would not be eligible.

Churt Prepared

Whether you live in a rural area, or are planning a great day out #SurreyPrepared have a few tips to help you stay informed and safe. #Surrey #countryside

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