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Co-option notice Sept 2020

Councillor Information from July 2020

David Crossley. Chairman


Heritage Society


Chair Recreation Ground Trust

Tel: 01252 794041

Declaration of Interest

I was born and brought up in the Lake District and upon leaving school at the age of 18 I pursued a career as a press photographer. I gained a professional qualification in press photography in 1971, but sadly it does not really count today as all my work was in black and white. Colour was still in its infancy and digital was not even heard of!  In 1978 I completely changed track and joined Surrey Police as a constable. During the ensuing years, I served at Farnham, Frensham and Haslemere as a sergeant and also as an inspector at Farnham retiring as an officer in 2008 and fully retiring in 2017. My wife and I moved to Churt from Guildford in 2012.  We have two daughters, two grand-daughters and two Westie dogs.  Having worked in Waverley for the bulk of my police career, I am pleased to be living in the borough in Churt, where we have been made most welcome.

Lisa Martin, Vice Chair

Planning - Chair


Transport Issues

Tel: 01428 715456

Declaration of Interest


Dominic Raeside, Councillor

Recreation Ground Committee



Declaration of Interest

Eunice Burch


Recreation Ground Committee

Community & Enviroment

Tel: 01428 712127

Declaration of Interest

John Petty, Councillor

Community & Environment

Tel: 01428 712127

Declaration of Interest

Katy Law, Councillor



Legal Issues

Tel: 01252 795476

Declaration of Interest

I’m proud to have lived in Churt for the past 4 years and am thrilled to be part of our wonderful, welcoming and supportive village.   

The first 13 years of my professional career was spent working in private practice in one of the top London law firms as a real estate finance lawyer.  I have spent the past 5 years heading up financings as in house counsel at a large property development company and work full time in London.  My role is to help obtain and negotiate financing terms from lenders for all the company’s investment and development assets.  

I relish being able to help villagers, local businesses, clubs, societies and others within the local community with their issues and listen to their concerns.  I also enjoy being part of the decision making process for issues impacting the local community and contribute to debate within the Parish Council so informed and carefully considered decisions are made.

Outside of my day job and Churt Parish Council work, I love horse riding, skiing and going to the gym. I have two daughters, aged 5 and 8, who attend St John’s CoE Infant School and South Farnham School respectively.   We have two cats and I’m hoping to succeed in my goal to persuade the rest of my family to get a puppy shortly!

Roger Rowe, Councillor

Heritage Society


Emergency Plan

Tel: 01428 712880

Declaration of Interest

Myra Johnson, Councillor

Community & Environment Chair


Tel: 01428 712659

Declaration of Interest

A resident of Churt for some 40 years, I worked in business process, systems and information management roles for ICL, Xerox and Imperial College. Now retired, I am delighted to have more time to enjoy the outstanding natural environment that surrounds Churt, and for voluntary roles as Treasurer of Churt Scout Group, a governor of St. John’s School, a Riversearch monitor with Surrey Wildlife Trust and now as the Parish Council lead on environmental matters. 


Concern for the environmental issues which we face globally prompted me to study Natural Science and Environmental Science topics with the Open University. But I am a great believer in ‘think global, act local’ and that each and every small thing that we do to help the environment makes a difference. Our Churt Parish Council Environmental sub-group will work in partnership with Waverley Borough Council, which has recently declared a climate change emergency that requires urgent action to reduce carbon emissions, conserve biodiversity and create a greener, more sustainable place to live.



Declaration of Interest

Dawn Barrow, Clerk to the Council

Paddock House, Churt, 

Farnham, Surrey. GU10 2NY

Tel: 07766 190201 or 01428 714375        


Dawn has been a Churt resident since 2000 and in that time has been actively involved in many aspects of village life. She is currently Chair of the local Amdram society as well as Parish Clerk.


Originally trained as a chartered surveyor in London, Dawn has been married to Roddy since 1991, has 3 grown up children and a menagerie of animals including 2 horses, 3 dogs, a parrot and a hand reared seagull!!! 

Waverley Borough Councillors

Julia Potts, Waverley Councillor

Educated in Sussex, Julia moved to Farnham in 1997, having lived in London and then locally in Ash Vale for many years. She worked for Proctor & Gamble and is now self employed, running a Sales and Training Consultancy business.


She was first elected in 2011, she is Leader of Waverley Borough Council, and a board member of the Farnham Maltings and the Sandy Hill Bungalow. A Trustee of Hale Cottage Trust, Governor at Hale School & Sure Start Centre and involved with Farnham Area NHW.  She is also a member of the board of the EM3 LEP.


Julia is committed to working with local residents, ensuring future improvements within the community and better local facilities. She is keen to see improved joint working and communication between local authorities for the wider benefit of local residents.


During 2017/18, Julia is consort to the Mayor of Farnham, Cllr Mike Hodge.


Her hobbies include golf, swimming, and walking.

Brian Adams, Waverley Councillor

Brian Adams was born in Twickenham and educated at Wellington College, Crowthorne.  He lives in Tilford with his wife Anita, they have a son living in Thursley, a daughter and four grandchildren.

His career developed through Watneys, Ready Mix Concrete and P&O.  For the last 20 years he has been running an IT management consultancy specialising in the creation and operation of large company programme offices.

As well as being involved in the local community, Brian is also a member of the HAC, RYA and National Trust.

Brian would like to work to give the local community more control over local issues.

Brian is a member of the SCC Local Committee.

Waverley Borough Councillor

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