Donation Received for Pavilion Roof Replacement

Since the last newsletter was published, we are delighted to tell you that we have received a £1000.00 donation towards the replacement cost of the pavilion roof. This is an incredibly generous gesture made by a local charity which wishes to remain anonymous. I am sure that you will all join me in expressing our heartfelt and grateful thanks.

The pavilion actually belongs to Churt Recreation Ground Trust, a registered charity and is managed by Churt Parish Council as trustee. Funding for the running and maintenance of it comes from user contributions and the remainder by way of grant from Churt Parish Council.

This donation has “kick started” an effort to raise more funds for the roof replacement. Though the tiles are guaranteed and will be replaced free we have a liability to provide half of the installation cost which will be close to £10,000.00. To that end, please may I appeal to you all to consider further sources of income? Any ideas, thoughts or indeed pledges of support or donations, can be channelled to Churt Parish Council via or by phone to our clerk Dawn Barrow on 01428 714375 or 07766 190201 or via the village website

Thank you.

David Crossley. Chairman

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