Churt and Frensham Joint Statement June 2020

Dear all, I think we need to reassure you all as to what has and is being done in relation to the current use of Frensham Great Pond.  A joint statement (attached) by Churt and Frensham Parish Councils was widely circulated on 1st June.  It is apparent, however, that some of you may not have seen it.  This is a complex issue which will not be easily resolved.  Rest assured, however, that both Parish Councillors and Waverley Borough Councillors are doing all they can to find a solution to this problem.  We are well aware of the content on Waverley’s website advertising the Great Pond as a leisure activity and have raised our concerns. Lots of measures have already been put in place which in the main are being ignored by the current inconsiderate and selfish visitors.  The best thing you can all do at present is to monitor the situation and when it descends into chaos (as yesterday and today) to call the Police (whether it be Surrey or Hampshire) to deal with highway obstructions or perceived danger. Or indeed as someone has done this morning to contact Surrey County Council Highways and for Hampshire issues, Hampshire County Council Highways. Should any camp fires or BBQs be seen, please contact Waverley Borough Council via their call centre.  There is a 24 hour emergency number.  Please do not call the Fire Brigade unless there is an obvious wild fire in progress. We are fully aware of the littering problem and volunteers from both Churt and Frensham have been assisting with litter clearance.  We are also fully aware of the SSSI status and implications on the area.  David Crossley Chairman Churt Parish Council 01252794041

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